English Language courses in Ireland

  • B) Individual Language Trips to Ireland

B) Individual Language Trips to Ireland

Stone Circle
Global language school also organizes trips for older teenagers, adults and business professionals to Schull , Co. Cork where students spend 2-4 weeks living with a friendly Irish family while studying in a local language school, Atlantic school of English.

This language holiday is for students who like the adventure of travelling alone and meeting new people. We organize everything from the classes to the plane journey and buses so that students can concentrate on enjoying themselves and practising their English.

The Town - Schull

Schull is a beautiful small town on the south-west coast of Ireland where the people are open and friendly. The town looks out onto the Atlantic ocean and is home to many artists , writers and musicians . The area is rich in folklore and culture and there are plenty of sporting and cultural activities to keep students busy after class for example, water sports , whale watching , Irish dancing or try out some Irish cooking.

The School - Atlantic school of English

Atlantic school of English believe expert tuition in small groups, combined with an exciting leisure programme that stimulates the mind and body, sets the tone for a successful and pleasurable learning experience .
Students build great confidence in using English in real life situations. Thanks to the hands-on, relaxed approach of the teachers in Schull , students' progress isn't limited to just the classroom setting; they give more effective presentations, deal better with clients and counterparts on the phone & by email, and feel more confident communicating in English at work and socially following their experience in Schull. Even shy students will enjoy the experience of living with a host family, as often there will be other people of a similar age group in the household where they stay.
Teachers accompany students on leisure outings, so new language is reinforced even while out having fun.
Sherkin island barbecue
Atlantic School of English


Year after year students return from Schull having made great friends with the host family. Students stay with local families who are very friendly and they are genuinely interested in the welfare of the students. Students spend quality time with their" new parents" at weekends. In many cases the families often have children the same age as the students which means lots of fun and English practice.

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